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Strategies to Manage Disordered Eating

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If you struggle with disordered eating or body image disturbances, you might be finding the current “stay-at-home” orders during the COVID-19 pandemic extra difficult. Eating disorders happen in isolation, so being alone with your eating disorder thoughts poses extra challenges.

You might be stuck at home with foods you have a hard time controlling yourself around, or stuck at home without the foods you need to follow the meal plan you you're following. The grocery store, already stressful for those struggling with an eating disorder, is EXTRA anxiety provoking right now with higher crowds and items being out of stock.

What to do:

·       Limit the amount of time you spend watching the news and scrolling on social media.

·       Stay connected by making virtual dates with friends and family.

·       Practice self care. Get outside for a walk when it’s nice out, take a bubble bath, or watch your favorite (light-hearted) rom-com.  Try yoga, journaling, or meditation to manage stress and anxiety.

·       If you have to go to the grocery store, make a list so you know exactly what you need, and try to go at a time when it’s not busy (like super early, when it’s also more likely to be well stocked).  Be sure to go at a time when you are not hungry and thus less likely to make impulsive purchases. Or order online for pickup or delivery, but still make sure you aren't hungry when you are doing the ordering.

·       Seek professional help! Our Certified Eating Disorder Specialist Registered Dietitian is available for virtual sessions.