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“I learned so much from Jen about how to fuel for optimal running performance. Before working with Jen, my stomach would feel queasy on long runs and the timing of my meals was never right. Jen helped me create an eating plan and suggestions that worked perfectly for me, from meals and snacks to pre-run fuel and post-run recovery. What especially helped was Jen’s guidance on what to eat during runs and how to ensure I got enough salt. Thanks to Jen’s nutrition help, I ran my second marathon feeling strong, healthy, and fueled ... and hit a 38-minute PR. Yahoo! I’ll continue utilizing what I learned from Jen for many, many years to come.”

                -Bea, runner

“Jennifer at Active Fueling did a incredible, individual specific nutrition plan that took into account my activities to achieve my health goal. She started with getting to know me, my lifestyle/exercise habits, and my goals. She then tailored my nutritional program using the Exchange System, for easy, medium, and hard activity days. She also educated me on the Exchange system as well as fueling my body during training and competition days. She made up a meal plan that I could start with as I was learning the exchange system. For someone who doesn't like to be in the kitchen, this was HUGE. After 4 months, I felt stronger, faster, and healthier, and had the knowledge and confidence to continue on my own. Thanks Jennifer!!!”

                -Mike, mountain biker

Jennifer was incredibly supportive and helpful working through my nutrition challenges. I've always found fueling to be the hardest part of ultra running and feel much more confident now! I was recommended Active Fueling and am hopeful others choose to work with AF as well!

                        -A, ultrarunner

Active Fueling was critical to me changing my habits and getting the most out of my running as I was still fairly new to running and trying to qualify for Boston. A year since I used their services, I'm still applying principals that I learned while working with Jen Sommer-Dirks to my nutrition routine to maintain peak fitness while I continue to enjoy a high level of running.

-Joe, runner

I was referred by to Jennifer by a co-worker of mine and I am so glad that I reached out to her. I am a 49 year old female who works out 6 days per week at medium to high intensity. I was focused on eating low carb and when I met with Jennifer she was very helpful in Helping me see that I probably was not eating enough. I incorporated carbs back into my diet which helped my energy and performance level tremendously. She also helped me see that the size I was 14 years ago did not have to be the size I am today as long as I am healthy and my body is performing well for me. The time with her was well spent and I would recommend her to anyone.

-Kim, strength athlete