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"Amanda opened my eyes to many nutritional components I had not been incorporating into my fitness plan. With her help, I was able to decrease my body fat from 11% to 8% and was able to more easily achieve some of my fitness goals."
- Max

"I am type 1 diabetic, work out continuously and sometimes struggle with my eating. Amanda has been so helpful in every aspect of my nutrition and workouts. I have seen a very positive change in my nutrition and feel great. Every time I have a struggle, I know I can count on Amanda to help me through it. She is the most knowledgeable dietitian I have ever had."
- Debbie

"I approached Amanda at the start of training for my fourth marathon to ask for her help in achieving a sub-four hour marathon, a long time goal of mine. My nutrition had always let me down in three previous attempts and I wanted expert advice on what I should be eating/drinking throughout my training and on race day itself to stop me hitting the wall and running out of energy. Amanda was a terrific help and with her expert knowledge, we dialed in my food/drink intake and I snuck across the finish line six minutes short of four hours when it came to the big day. I truly believe her advice played a major part in ensuring I did not hit the wall during the marathon and I was well hydrated and fueled throughout. I'd absolutely recommend working with Amanda at the start of training for any endurance athletic event...I know I'll be seeking her advice again shortly!"
- Cam, marathon runner

"I started working with Amanda and Active Fueling as I started training for my first Ironman and was hungrier than ever.  I had been prone to serious weight gain in the past and didn't want to repeat bad mistakes so I found a dietician who could guide me through an increasing workout load and help me figure out how to fuel on race day.  As my activity level increased, so did my appetite.   Amanda was able to provide me insights on what to eat that would leave me feeling full while also educating me on the importance of the right nutrition before, during and after workouts.   Armed with this information, I was able to successfully complete my race without any GI distress or bonking mid-race.  I crossed that finish line with a smile!

As my life returned to a normal balance of life and activity after the race, Amanda helped me switch gears to examine my relationship with food.  During Ironman training, food was fuel and I needed a ton of fuel.  Post race, food became a series of treats that impacted my waistline and, in turn, my emotional and mental well being.  Amanda helped me navigate through my judgments about food, body and image.  Subsequently, I've redefined my meaning of healthy and am thrilled to celebrate a loss on the scale with the same amount of fervor as a decrease in overall cholesterol levels.  Amanda has been an incredible coach to help me achieve my goals; I couldn't have done any of this without her guidance, encouragement and patience!"
-Betsy B, Ironman

"As a collegiate athlete I always took nutrition serious but could never seem to get the results I was looking for. After several years of frustration with several different diets, plans, and gimmicks I met with Amanda at Active Fueling. Amanda was able to diagnose my bad habits and pinpoint what needed to change within my everyday diet, while making it very easy for me to follow my plan as well as make the right decisions. The biggest difference with Amanda is that she understood my goals as an athlete and was able to recognize that there is more to a nutrition plan than just weight loss. After 8 weeks, I had lost 3.5 lbs of fat while managing to gain 2 lbs of muscle. Along with my body composition analysis I had a loss of 1.5 inches in my waist and saw great improvement in the weight room. I recommend Amanda to any type of athlete or person that is wanting to take the next step in making a physical change in their everyday life!"
- Cole, collegiate football

"In August of 2015, I was at a point where, as I put it, “food had me by the throat”. I had lost a large amount of weight before, and while I am proud of that success, it was clearly temporary. I did not truly address, nor did I understand, my difficulties around food. I had gained a significant amount of the weight I had lost, and was on the path to gain it all back. My days would start by me thinking “today is going to be better” and “I am going to be good today”. Then, after the work day, I would stop at the grocery store on the way home and buy donuts and cookies and candy, re-park the car in a secluded section of the grocery store parking lot, and eat it all..."    Click Here to Read More
 - Becca

"When I first started seeing Amanda I was very discouraged. I did not have a good first marathon experience, and I had been told by multiple doctors that I may not be able to continue running long distances. As a runner herself, Amanda understood my passion for running and she assured me that she would get me through my next marathon. Amanda completely changed my nutrition plan by eliminating foods I was sensitive to, adjusting my daily food intake, and changing my fueling and hydration during training. She checked in with me multiple times throughout these changes via emails, phone calls and in-person appointments to make sure that I was handling the changes well. Changing my nutrition has allowed me to continue my passion for running. Thanks to Amanda, I am now planning my next race instead of finding a new sport!"

- Maci, marathon runner