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Tap into the Power of Individualized Nutrition

Reach your peak performance with nutrition prescription from Active Fueling in Denver, Colorado. Nutrition is a primary factor affecting your capacity to perform. Eating whole foods is the best way to meet your nutrition needs, athletic goals, and peak health. Active Fueling does not promote fad diets or food trends, just healthy, balanced nutrition. Our approach can help individuals in the following areas:

  • In Person and Virtual Private Consultations
  • Anaerobic Performance
  • Diabetes Management
  • Endurance Performance
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Fat Loss or Weight Loss
  • Gastrointestinal Dysfunction
  • Heart Health (Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure)
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Sport-Specific Performance
  • Weight Gain or Muscle Gain

Individual Consultations: In-Person or Virtual

Private consultations are available for individuals with specific performance, health, or other wellness goals. This option is best for those who need nutrition advice, meal ideas, specific goals, or nutritional behavior change consulting. An initial assessment is 60 minutes, with follow-ups being 60 or 30 minutes depending on your needs.

What do we do?

In your initial assessment, your dietitian is going to learn as much about you, your goals, your health history, your current nutrition, your exercise, and your behaviors as possible. From there, you'll devise the best plan of action to help you meet your athletic and health goals. In the initial assessment, you'll learn your individual nutrition needs (calories, macronutrients, micronutrients of interest) and together, you and your dieititan will specify a plan of action to follow and measure your success going forward. 

Follow-up sessions are individualized for each athlete. You'll learn about a varitey of nutrition topics specific to your goals (fueling for sport, supplementation, hydration, intuitive eating, label reading, etc.), get accountability/motivation from your dietitian, work on nutrition behavior change, adjust your plan for social events/dining out/travel, and plan for long term nutrition management. If you have further questions, please Contact Us directly!

Are you constantly travelling or not in the Denver metro area? No problem! If you have nutrition goals but need flexibility to travel, Active Fueling offers virtual consultations so we can meet whether you're in Colorado Springs, New York, or overseas. The video-based sessions are easy to access through a simple link, and allow you the flexibility to check-in with your dietitian, continue your goals, all while accommodating your busy schedule.

Group Education

Group education is a great way for a team to collectively boost their performance through better nutrition. It's also an effective way for a group of friends to undertake a fitness and weight loss program together. This package is perfect for groups that are interested in learning about a common topic: improving sport-specific performance, weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, or heart health. It includes hour-long education sessions, homework, and worksheets for groups of all sizes.

Are you a business or team looking to educate your employees or athletes? Contact Us to bring the programming to you!


Executive Fueling

Work on your nutrition routines first with your registered dietitian without making time to cook dinner! Chef Curry of Chef Curry's Cuisine will make dinner for two for the first two weeks of your nutrition changes so you have more time to dedicate to creating new food routines and slowly transition into your new lifestyle. Enjoy delicious food, learn how to work it into your busy schedule, and have a plan in place before you dedicate more time in the kitchen.


  • 1 initial assessment: individual nutrition needs analysis, goal setting, and nutrition behavior modification
  • 4 half hour follow ups:
    • physiology education
    • progress and motivation assessment
    • routine building and nutrition prioritization
    • convenience nutrition education
    • label reading
    • travel nutrition
    • education on energy maintenance
  • Two weeks of dinner for two by Chef Curry's Cuisine

*Package pricing can be adjusted for additional family members as needed.

Endurance Fueling

Looking to improve your running performance? Coach Jenni Nettik of Mercuria Running and Amanda Turner will help you put together a plan to cover all of your training needs through your next training cycle. You'll receive a specific plan to meet your training goals and learn correct race fueling and daily intake to get the most benefit from that training.


  • 1 initial assessment: includes individual nutrition needs analysis, goal setting, and nutrition behavior modification
  • 2 ultrasound body fat tests
  • 4 half hour follow ups:
    • education on daily nutrition needs for training
    • appropriate pre/post exercise fueling
    • appropriate fuel during exercise
    • behavior modification
    • supplementation recommendations as needed
    • ergogenic aid education
    • accountability tools
  • 1- 4 month training plan
  • 1 month online run coaching including mental focus assignments, communication with Coach Jenni, and training plan adjustments as needed

Meal Plans

Meal plans are developed based on your health needs, personal goals, food preferences, and lifestyle. It's a great option for individuals who need to follow a specific pattern of eating. The main objective is to help you develop eating habits that support your goals and health, and that are sustainable within your lifestyle. It includes an hour-long initial consultation and personalized meal plan. Schedule a follow-up visit to learn how to manage your nutrition 100% independently.

Grocery Store Tours

If you have trouble determining which products at the grocery store are healthy or are overwhelmed by nutrition labels, our grocery store tours are the answer. You'll tour the store with a registered dietitian to learn what to look for, how to balance your purchases, and how to stretch your dollars effectively. These 60- to 90-minute tours are available for individuals or groups.